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The Canine Cooler

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The Coolest Toy They'll Ever Have.

The Canine Coolers are freezable and great for teething pups or for keeping cool during hot sunny days. The Coolers are filled with purified water which melts when chewed. To use it's simple, just place the Canine Cooler in the freezer and leave to freeze. No mess, no refilling, just ice-cool chilling.


🐾 Soothes gums - Teething pups tend to chew just about everything they see to try and alleviate sore gums caused by their new teeth. The Canine Cooler instantly relieves this pain by cooling your pup's gums.

🐾 Summer Safety - During the hot summer months, dogs can overheat and become dehydrated very quickly. The Canine Cooler is the safest way to make sure your dog stays cool and fresh.

🐾 Built-in Fun The two treat holes allow tasty snacks to be stored within the Canine Cooler, keeping your little friend entertained as they chew.

🐾 Heavy-duty The Canine Cooler is made from a blend of the highest-strength TPR rubbers available to withstand even the most aggressive chewers.

🐾 Improves Dental Hygiene - The Canine Cooler provides complete oral protection by calming inflammation and reducing plaque buildup. The small nubs on the exterior actively clean teeth while chewing.


Q: How long do I need to leave the toy in my freezer?

The Canine Cooler is filled with purified water and requires approximately one hour in the freezer before being fully frozen. We recommend leaving the Canine Cooler in a bowl of cold water for 1-2 hours prior to usage.

Q: Is the Canine Cooler made from non-toxic materials?

Yes! Dog safety is our top priority when designer new dog toys. The Canine Cooler is made from PVC- and BPA- free rubbers which are the safest rubbers for use. 

Q: Is the Canine Cooler dishwasher friendly?

Yes! The Canine Cooler can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand.

Q: How long does the cooler stay frozen?

The amount of time that the Canine Cooler will remain frozen depends on factors such as temperature and chewing intensity. Typically, the Canine Cooler will remain frozen for 2 to 3 hours.


L 16cm x W 8 cm x H 5cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Fleming Madelaine
The canine cooler

It very prop and on time thank you


Best toy ever


The Canine Cooler

Sandy Janson
Great for my pup

My puppy loves this thing! Chews on it longer than any stick or bone. Doesn’t leave a mess either, which is always a plus.

Sandra Parker
A must for teething pups

I have a new Cockapoo that's teething and he's chewing on everything recently. I ordered this hoping it would help give him something to focus on and feel good on his gums. He seems to enjoy it!

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