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Puppyeux Heartbeat Buddy

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The best little buddy they'll ever have.

The Puppyeux Buddy is an absolute must-have for pups and dogs that get sad and lonely when left alone.

The Puppyeux Buddy recreates the intimacy that dogs share with their mother through a real-feel heartbeat. The result is a calmer, more peaceful dog - one that feels less loneliness, fear and separation anxiety.

How does it work?

The battery-powered heart inside the Puppyeux Buddy beats to mimic the mother and siblings. The life-like rhythm of the vibration has a proven soothing effect which fosters a bond with the toy, helping to overcome separation anxiety and sleep disorders. 

The heart can be turned on in one click and will then begin beating, instantly calming your little friend. Our buddies can also be used during the day if at any point your dog is feeling lonely or anxious.

Why own a Puppyeux Buddy?

🐾 Dog Approved - The Puppyeux Buddy is sure to become your dog's new best friend. Since its release in 2017, the Puppyeux Buddy has helped over 45,000 dogs overcome separation and anxiety disorders.

🐾 Little Chewer-Proof - Our buddies are made from strong organic cotton to withstand chewing and biting.

🐾 Safety First - The Puppyeux Buddies use high-strength velcro to keep the heart secure and protected.

🐾 Improves Sleep Quality - The life-like heartbeat instantly makes pups feel more secure, allowing them to relax more easily and drift off into a deep sleep.

🐾 For Dogs of All Ages - Our buddies are not just for pups. Dogs of all ages can feel lonely and anxious at times. Many puppies remain very attached to their Puppyeux Buddy as they grow up!


Cover: 100% Polyester

Filling: 100% Polyester


Sleepy Sheep: L 35cm x W 15cm x H 10cm

Happy Hippo: L 13cm x W 12cm x H 23cm


Q: Can I leave the Heartbeat Buddy with my dog all night?

Absolutely! Simply press the power button on the heart to activate the heartbeat before placing the buddy into your dog's bed for them to snuggle with.

Q: Can I use the Puppyeux Buddy with my kitten?

Absolutely! The Puppyeux Buddy was conceived for new pups, but over the years we have heard many success stories from new kitten owners telling us how much the Puppyeux Buddy has helped their new kitten.

Q: Are the Heartbeat Buddies washable?

Yes! The buddies are machine washable, simply remove the heart and wash on a gentle cycle.

Q: Is this safe to leave my dog alone with?

Dog safety is our top priority when designing new toys. The Puppyeux Buddies use high-strength velcro to keep the heart secure and protected.

Q: How does the heart work? 

The heart inside the Puppyeux Buddy is powered by 2x AAA batteries. The battery life of the heart is approximately 250 hours. 

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*Due to high demand we are currently running low on stock. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 618 reviews
Beverley Coulson
Bedtime Buddy

Settled my Cockapoo pup at nights immediately and after 2 weeks he was sleeping through the night with no buddy and no issues

Eileen Robb
Happy Puppy

Puppy seems to get comfort from this item. Thank you.

Katherine Weymouth

My puppy was a lot more settled when l put the lamb in her bed. This was definitely a gamechanger

Katherine Allman

My puppy loves her lamb and carries it everywhere its her comforter...really helped in the early days with the heart monitor she cuddles it still every night and had her 5 weeks now

Lisa Jeffery

He settled so well the first night of his new home. Snuggled into the sheep hasn't cried during the night.

A real puppy must-have.

"The Puppyeux Buddy has made the world of difference in helping my new pup settle into her new home!"

Amanda V.

  • Safety Note

    As with all new toys, we strongly recommend supervising your dog when they are introduced to their Puppyeux Buddy. The buddy is not a chew toy.

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