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Deluxe Carrier Rucksack

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No dog left behind.

The Deluxe Carrier Rucksack by Puppyeux is here to let your favorite friend be part of any adventure. Nobody likes leaving their little friend behind, so we designed the perfect carrier rucksack so that you no longer have to!

The Deluxe Carrier Rucksack allows your dog to spend more time outside, exploring the world with their favorite human... you!

Our rucksacks are great for little dogs that tire quickly or older dogs that no longer have the stamina they used to.

Whether it's a trip to the shops or just a tired pup who needs a rest, our rucksacks make it easier for both you and your little friend!


🐾  Foam padded back and sides

🐾  Fully breathable material 

🐾  Pockets to store necessities 

🐾  Removable base for easy cleaning 

🐾  Can be worn front and back-facing

    Size guide

    Small: dog weight 1 - 10 lbs

    Medium: dog weight 11 - 20 lbs

    Large: dog weight 21 - 35 lbs

    Our backpacks are not recommended for dogs over 35 lbs. For any further questions on sizing, please contact us on Facebook or at: and we will be happy to help!

    Why own a Carrier Rucksack?

    🐾 So you never have to leave your dog behind again. No more sad puppy eyes as you walk out the door!

    🐾 The safest dog carrier on the market. Our rucksack has been carefully designed with a secure collar clip to provide maximum security for your dog.

    🐾 So that you can enjoy bike rides, motorcycling, hiking and shopping all with your little friend right by your side!

    🐾 Unlike the other dog carriers out there, the Puppyeux™ Carrier Rucksack has been specially designed to give your dog plenty of room to allow them to cruise in ultimate comfort!

    🐾 Extremely convenient for everyday use and travel. 


    Q: Is the rucksack safe for dogs?

    Absolutely! Dog safety is our top priority when designing new products. Our Carrier Rucksacks have a collar safety clip and a drawstring function so that your dog can't jump out when you're on the move.

    Q: Is the rucksack comfortable? 

    It sure is! Our Carrier Rucksacks are padded with shock-absorbing foam to ensure a comfortable journey for both you and your little friend.

    Q: Will my dog get too hot inside?

    We use the highest-quality breathable materials in the production of our Carrier Rucksacks to make sure your dog stays nice and cool inside.


    100% Breathable Polyester

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    Australia: Australia Post (3-4 days)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 37 reviews
    Stacey Marshall
    Great idea

    The backpack works perfectly and is well designed

    Joseph Milton
    Satisfied customer

    Works exactly as hoped. Ideal for when I'm going into the shops of if my pup gets tired during longer walks. Recommend.

    Chloe Lee
    Good quality

    Really impressed with the quality. I bought a small rose red one for my little yorkie and she loves being carried around in it x

    Dannie Hawkins
    Good product

    Very well made. I was a little worried at first about how well the backpack would hold up with my little poodle but it has served its purpose brilliantly!

    Samantha Davies
    Happy customer

    I bought this so I could carry my 10 week cocka with me when I'm going into shops etc. Works great and would recommend to all new puppy owners

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